About Depak

What is Depak?

This is the name of special high voltage energy that is called high voltage electrostatic induction energy.

How does Depak work?

As Depak has effects that suppress oxidation and activated cells, it can prevent deterioration of food(discoloration and spillage of drips).

Does Depak make a time of freezing and thawing shorter?

Depak doesn’t accelerate them basically.

How much is the electricity bill of Depak approximately?

Though Depak has high voltage(2,000V according to the calculation), it carries quite a little electric current(about 50μA). Thus, Depak doesn’t effect on the running cost.
※Electricity bill varies depending on an electric current.

Is Depak has harmful to the human body?

Though Depak has high voltage electricity, it carries quite a little electric current. That’s why Depak is not harmful to the human body at all.

How is Depak applied to food?

Depak provides electric energy for food by applying to carts and racks.

Can Depak be attached to not only vertical type refrigerators but also prefabricated refrigerators?

Yes, it can. Existing prefabricated refrigerators can be retrofit as a freshness keeping machine


About Thawing and Freshness Keeping

How long does thawing take?

Food can be thawed over night. Thawing is completed by the next morning only by putting food in the machine a day before and by one push button.

Can Depak thaw sauce or vegetable paste?

Yes, it can. Though thawing time depends on the amount of moisture content and thickness of food, they can be thawed to any temperature as needed.

Can food in eighteen-liter drum be thawed?

Yes, it can. By the effects of Depak and the air conditioning system, which are features of Depak, Depak can thaw food and keep its quality without color irregularity.

Can food materials of different sizes be thawed together?

Yes, they can. As thawing time depends on the thickness of food, by setting the thawing timer for the thinest food materials the unthawed food is to be thawed using the freshness keeping mode. By doing that, you can thaw them together.

Is it possible to see how one’s own company food is being thawed in a real time

If you inquire us with your food materials, we conduct tests of thawing and freezing free of charge. Please see the following link for the detail.

Test it with your food materials!

How long can food freshness be kept?

Though it depends on the condition of food, with chilled materials, they can be preserved twice than of an ordinary preservation with keeping their freshness.
※In the comparison


About installation

How about after-sales service?

If you contact the sale representative or us when you encounter problems with the sales, we will address the problems promptly.

Can Depak be retrofitted to existing refrigerators?

In the case of large type refrigerators, it is possible.

How should we maintain them?

Though the inside heater and fan units are to wipe alone for cleaning, the others can be washed with water. Likewise, the freezer and the inside unit air conditioner is to wipe. However, professional cleaning services are made available for the machine.

What is required except the remodeling work on electricity at the time of installation?

Only the primary electricity work and drain piping work(rising) are required as involving installation works. Other works are not required.

How long does it take to delivery?

Commercial refrigerators type: It takes about 20 workdays.
Large refrigerators type: It takes about 40 workdays.

However, the shipping period is not included.

How long does it take for the installation work?

It takes from three to five workdays.