Depakis an acronym for Dynamic Effect, Powerful Antioxidation Keeping and is a nickname of high voltage electrostatic induction generators SANTETSU ENGINEERING invented. Depak system means a system that utilizes the high voltage electrostatic induction energy.

Beneficial effects can be obtained by activated water molecules that are caused by giving special electric energy Depak generates to food and water.

We SANTETSU ENGINEERING are studying and developing this technology constantly in order to produce eco-friendly and human-friendly products, considering the possibilities that the technology is applicable not only to food and water but to the medical field.

Prominent effects of Depak system (high voltage electrostatic induction energy)

Thawing at the Degree Below Zero

Thawing without heating suppresses the destruction of cell tissues and reduces drips loss radically.


Effects of thawing at the degree below zero and high voltage electrostatic induction energy activate the work of enzyme and help the maturation of food.

Keeping freshness (suppression of oxidation)

Prevention of bacterial growth by preservation at the degree below zero and suppression of oxidation keep food freshness.


It makes water molecule small and activates water which has antioxidative potency.

* Effect which active water give to creations
Moisture-retaining property in cell tissue is improved and it is possible to become creations themselves healthy.

t works effectively on moisture in the food and creates the synergy effect.