The conventional thawing machines require transferring food to a storage cabinet after thawing.
On the other hand, Depak thawing machine switches the mode to keeping freshness mode automatically after thawing to the set temperature. It eliminates the need for the take charge person of thawing and making it possible significant labor costs reduction.

Comparison of the number of required labors during thawing process(In the case that processing amount is 2t, hourly wage is 2000 yen)

In the case of thawing 2 kg chicken General thawing of patch method Depak thawing
Processing time 12 times (160kg per 1 time) 1 times (2t per 1 time)
Working time 12 hours 1 hour
Labor cost 24,000 yen 2,000 yen
Personnel Assigned personnel is always a must due to the short thawing time of one patch. Assigned personnel is needed only for the time of putting things
Work efficiency After thawing, taking the food out and transferring to the refrigerator are followed immediately After thawing, the food can be taken out as needed as the machine switches to the freshness keeping mode automatically.
Quality Quality instability in uneven thawing Thawing without unevenness is possible