DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology

Depak Effects

It is necessary to understand mechanism of food spoiling for figuring out Depak effect.

There are three following causes of food spoiling, and all of them proceed simultaneously.

1.”Oxidation of fat content” 2.”Alteration of protein” 3.”Growth of bacteria”

It is proved that Depak is effective for all of above three causes.

This is the new preservation method.


The comparison data of food spoiling progression with and without Depak.

Normal food spoiling progression

1 .Oxidation of fat content


Fat content get oxidized by unitizing with oxygen in the air.

There is an element of oxidation of fat content in the moisture of foods.

2 .Alteration of protein


Protein changes in quality step-by-step and its 4th stage is the highest nutritional value, and has tasty and flavor.

After that, it becomes corrupt with nasty smell.

3 .Growth of bacteria


Bacteria grow by taking in food nutrition and promote spoiling in an environment marked by over 3 degree C.

With Depak

1 .Oxidation of fat content


It is possible to suppress the oxidation by hardly unitizing between fat content and oxygen because of redacting condition of the moisture in foods and the air.

2 .Alteration of protein


The term reaches alteration and spoiling gets longer due to the effects of oxidation and bacteria suppression.

3 .Growth of bacteria


It is possible to suppress bacteria by superimposed high-voltage and prevent the bacteria growth due to preservation under 0 degree C.

Outline of the test: Comparison the change in time with SE-Depak (minus 1 degree c) and Normal refrigerator (plus 2 degrees c)

Analyte: Vacuum-packed Beef Filet


*The bacterium inspection by Kobe environmental health institute

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