DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology

The reason of thawing at the degree below zero

The matter has three conditions as “solid, liquid and gas”.
These differences among them are decided by the state of activity of the matter’s molecule.
In short, molecules change their activity by external environmental changes (such as temperature change) and change their own conditions in three ways.
But, with high voltage electrostatic induction energy of Depak, the activity of molecules can be activated without heating.

Normally, water freezes at zero degree Celsius and food freezes at about from minus 0.4 degrees Celsius to minus 3.4 degrees Celsius.
In the case of thawing in refrigerators and chilled storages, because of their low temperature and slow thawing, the moisture content in food remains frozen.
By giving the high voltage electrostatic induction energy of Depak, the activity of molecule in food are activated and thawing proceeds smoothly.

Comparison between ordinary deterioration and of Depak

Ordinary state


As molecules are not active, thawing doesn’t proceed smoothly.

With Depak


As molecules are active, thawing proceeds smoothly.

*The thawing of Depak system (high voltage electrostatic induction) proceeds from both the surface and inside of food at the same time.

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