DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology

Drip loss reduction

The existing thawing methods are “water thawing”, “low-temperature steam thawing”, and “high-frequency wave or microwave thawing” by heating up foods.

There are following problems by these methods because it is difficult to thaw uniformly.

Uneven thawing is occurred.

Cell is broken by the moisture melted halfway in food sharpening.

Tasty component drips out.

Besides, bacteria grow in association with heating up and the quality gets worse.

Fresh and high quality thawing(The thawing test of the round of the chicken)

1 day passed after the thawing

Without Depak charger


With Depak charger

The drip decreases by the restraint of the thawing damage.


drip-nThe cell membrane is broken and moisture inside the cell drips out.
Frozen moisture inside the cell is melted halfway, and damages and breaks cell membrane.

With Depak

drip-dThawing with Depak can keep cell water, so the following items are not lost…

  1. Taste
  2. Flavor
  3. Fullness
  4. Moisture
  5. Color
  6. Gloss

The thawing method by high-voltage electrostatic energy of Depak can decrease drips considerably because of thawing uniformly by molecule activity without heating up food and the cell membrane hardly broken.

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