DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology

Q&A about the functions

Q1.Isn’t 10,000 volts of static electricity dangerous?

SE-Depak has a very high voltage, but there is hardly any electric current.
When there is a lot of electric current, there is a danger to people from electric shock, but since the electric current is so low, the SE-Depak offers no danger to people.

Q2.How is it possible to defrost at temperatures below freezing?

Since high voltage energy stimulates and activates the cells of frozen foods, cells can be defrosted from the inside without damage to them.

Q3.Why don’t the foods freeze at temperatures below freezing?

High voltage energy continuously activates and vibrates the cells in the foods, so they do not freeze even at temperatures below freezing.

Q4.Why is there almost no dripping even when defrosted?

The high voltage defrosts the foods smoothly at the molecular level, making cell damage less.

Q5.Is it really true that strawberries can be kept for 30 days?

Yes, it’s true.
There is some individual variation, but SE-Depak’s oxidation suppression and below freezing preservation effects make it possible to keep strawberries for a long time.

Q6.Are there any foods that SE-Depak does not work with?

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, all foods are effected by Depak.
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