Brine Freezer

Features of Brine Freezer

This freezing machine that swiftly freezes food materials soaking them in alcohol(antifreeze) of -30°C is suitable for vacuum-packed items.
Heat conductivity of this is about 20 times as much as it of air type. Thus this machine can prevent the destruction of cells by lowering food temperature effectively swiftly through the maximum ice crystal generation temperature zone, which increases freezing damage, and moreover, restore them to the state closer to original even after thawing.
It is space-saving, safe and clean by such swiftness of freezing.

Delectably Freezing (Freezing food swiftly while keeping taste)

High heat conductivity of liquid (about 20 times as much as gas) is utilized to the maximum. It takes food materials only 20 minutes to come to be at -25°C. (with about 30mm thickness food materials)

Safe and Sanitary

By using ethanol being non-dangerous, it finds both sterilization and safety. Additionally it is easy to operate.

Remarkably Economical

Compared to conventional air cooling machine, this machine reduces the cost of equipment, cost of electricity, and saves required spaces, and work time. Such economical effects can be expected.

Space Saving

This is compactly designed. Efficient installation in a kitchen is also made possible. Of course, large types are made available in our end.

Advantages of Brine Freezer (@CALL)

Comparison test of fish paste products
: size 150L×150W×30T



Food materials are frozen at -30℃.
It breaks when it bends

Ordinary freezing stocker

Food materials are frozen at -25℃.
it stays intact when it bends.

Brine Freezer

Small type (freezer combination type)

Type RBF-120 RBF-160 RBF-200
Capacity of the tank 120 L 160 L 200 L
External dimension Width 1200 1400 1600
Depth 800 800 800
Hight 900 900 900
The space for freezing Width 780 980 1180
Depth 420 420 420
Height 290 290 290
Processing amount 約10kg/h 約20kg/h 約30kg/h
Power source AC200Vx3P 2.1KW AC200Vx3P 2.2KW AC200Vx3P 3.0KW
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price Open price

Large type (freezer outdoor installation type)

Type RBF-500
Capacity of the tank 500 L
External dimension Width 2400
Depth 800
Height 900
The space for freezing Width 1840
Depth 570
Height 490
Processing amount 約 75kg/h
Power source AC200Vx3P 6.4KW
Price (tax excluded) Open price

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Sales will end on June 30, 2021