DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology

Rapid Brine Freezers

Rapid Brine Freezers


Delicious freezing (Quality preserved with rapid freezing)

Uses the highly efficient thermal conductivity of liquids (about 20 times that of gases) to the maximum extent. Reaches – 25 ºC in just 20 minutes (for thickness of about 30 mm).

Safe and sanitary

Use of ethanol, which is not dangerous, achieves both safety and effective suppression of bacteria. Handling is also very easy.

Space savings

Compact Design. Convenient placement within kitchens is possible. We will also provide large models.

Excellent economic benefits

Compared with the Air-blast Freezers used until now, machinery costs, electricity costs, space and freezing time are all reduced. Expect economic benefits.

superior place

Comparison with sliced beef 150L×150W×30T


Rapid Brine Freezers(RBF)

-30℃ Defrosting

Bend and snap

Slow freezer

-25℃ freezing

Bend and bend

Brine Type Rapid Freezer (RBF)

Kitchen models

Model RBF-120 RBF-160 RBF-200
Tank capacity 120 liter 160 liter 200 liter
Outer dimensions Width 1200 1400 1600
Depth 800 800 800
Height 900 900 900
Freezer space Width 780 980 1180
Depth 420 420 420
Height 290 290 290
Capacity about 10kg/h about 20kg/h about 30kg/h
Electricity requirements AC200Vx3P 2.1KW AC200Vx3P 2.2KW AC200Vx3P 3.0KW
Price Open price Open price Open price

Large models

Model RBF-500 RBF-1000 RBF-1500
Tank capacity 500 liter 1000 liter 1500 liter
Outer dimensions Width 2400 2600 2800
Depth 800 1100 1400
Height 900 900 900
Freezer space Width 1840 2040 2240
Depth 570 870 1170
Height 490 490 490
Capacity about 75kg/h about 150kg/h about 225kg/h
Electricity requirements AC200Vx3P 6.4KW AC200Vx3P 12.4KW AC200Vx3P 15.1KW
Price Ask Ask Ask

*Please note that the Specification are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.

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