Features of Depak Freshness Keeping Machine

Oxidation and deterioration of food are suppressed and food lasts long without losing its freshness, as the machine keeps the freshness providing a special electric energy generated by Depak.
Moreover, as food can be preserved at an optimum temperature for the following process, the efficiency improves.

Preserve Food in a long term Delectably

A comparison verification on the domestic chilled port was conducted in a research institution. The pork is stored for 50 days at -18°C of freezing storage and at -2°C of Depak storage respectively.

Comparison of the viable counts

As a result of verifying changes in the general viable cell count, it found that both viable cell counts were of the same.

Observation of the tissues

See the cell tissue picture shown. The muscle fibers stored by Depak are denser than of the other. Both the quality of taste and texture are maintained.

Amino acid analysis

When we checked on the changes of amino acid, in Depak preservation the amount of amino acid increased.

In the case of two-month preservation, the food is to be stored at the frozen storage in general. However, food can be preserved delectably without having it frozen, if you use Depak Freshness Keeping Machine.
It confirms that amino acid (umami component) increased nearly the double amount that of frozen storage without bacterial growth and destruction of cell tissues in Depak preservation.

Realization of Planned Production

The advantages of applying Depak preservation that keep food lasting longer, restaurants can prepare dishes in idle time and serve them on demand and use remaining food the next day or more. As no bacteria increases and no food color changes, food waste reduces drastically and so do work-force and work-time.

Contribution to Safety and Security

Had blocks of beef tongue thawed at -3°C, thawed beef was stored for a week at 0°C in an ordinary refrigerator and Depak Freshness Keeping Machine respectively.

Commercial refrigerator type


Depak Freshness Keeping Machine (SS series) [Commercial refrigerator type]

Vertical model [Reach-in model]

Capacity 491L 1042L 1332L 1616L
Width 625mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
Depth 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Height 1890mm 1890mm 1890mm 1890mm
Processing amount 60kg 120kg 150kg 180kg
Power source AC100V/5.0A AC100V/7.6A AC100V/7.6A AC100V/7.7A
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price Open price Open price

Horizontal model [Cold table model]

CT 1200 SS-II
CT 1500 SS-II
CT 1800 SS-II
Capacity 319L 437L 551L
Width 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
Depth 750mm 750mm 750mm
Height 800mm 800mm 800mm
Processing amount 45kg 60kg 90kg
Power source AC100V/3.6A AC100V/4.4A AC100V/5.8A
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price オOpen price

Large refrigerator type


Depak Freshness Keeping Machine (SS series) [Large refrigerator type]

Are (in tsubo) 0.5 1 2
Width 1800mm 1800mm 3600mm
Depth 1000mm 2000mm 2400mm
Height 2835mm 2835mm 2900mm
Processing amount 380kg 750kg 1500kg
Power source AC200V/1.0KW AC200V/1.7KW AC200V/2.7KW
The number of interior carts 2 4 6
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price Open price
Are (in tsubo) 3 4
Width 4300mm 5800mm
Depth 2900mm 3000mm
Height 2900mm 2900mm
Processing amount 2250kg 3000kg
Power source AC200V/3.7KW AC200V/5.4KW
Interior carts 10 14
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price

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