It freezes food materials with the electric energy at ultra low temperature of -50°C while keeping the taste.

Features of Depak Quick Air Blast Freezer

In addition to the ultra-low temperature of -50°c, Depak generates the electric energy to food materials during freezing. It prevents destruction of cell tissues at freezing and reduces drip loss at thawing.

Delectable frozen food like raw food

As food can be frozen without the destruction of cells, the taste of raw state can be kept even after thawing.

The conditions and process of comparison test

  • Prepare raw abalones.
  • Freeze abalones with a Depak freezing machine and an ordinary freezing machine respectively.
  • Thaw both abalones in cold water.

Freezing at ultra low temperature of -50°C

In comparison with ordinary slow freezing that makes ice crystals grow and the destruction of cells occur as the food temperature set lower slowly through the maximum ice crystal generation temperature zone (from 0°C to -5°C), freezing at ultra-low temperature of -50°C suppresses the growth of ice crystals and destruction of cells because the food temperature runs swiftly through the maximum ice crystal generation temperature zone.

Freezing delectably without destruction of cells

We froze food materials by Depak and ordinary system respectively and compared the cells of the food materials. the cells of Depak frozen food are not destroyed much and fine-grained, whereas they of ordinary frozen food are destroyed and large-grained.

*Both pictures have a magnification of 100. (These pictures are of cells of beef. Nagano prefecture general industrial technology center has them verified.)

Depak frozen food keeps its taste even after thawing, whereas ordinary frozen food loses drips (taste) and their original taste after thawing.

Standard freezing time

The Depak freezing machine can be applied to every food such as meat, fish, daily dishes, rice, bread, cakes, croquettes and so on.

Type Size (mm) Tray or Cart Processing amount
Standard amount/time
Freezing machine
Small size RAF-C1 W1200xD735xH1890 10 trays 5㎏/hr Combined
(-50°C specification)
RAF-C1 W1200xD735xH2015 16 trays 7㎏/hr
(-40°C specification)
Large size RAF-120 W1500xD1200xH2400 8 trays 20㎏/hr Installed outside
RAF-180 W1800xD1400xH2400 16 trays 30㎏/hr
RAF-PH0.5 W1450xD1800xH2800 1 cart 50㎏/hr
RAF-PH1.0 W1450xD2500xH2800 2 carts 100㎏/hr
RAF-PH1.5 W1450xD3500xH2800 3 carts 150㎏/hr
RAF-PH2.0 W1450xD4600xH2800 4 carts 200㎏/hr

*The degree of freezing might vary depending on the sorts and shapes of food materials.
*We can prepare different models addition to the mentioned above models. Please ask us for more information.
*The specifications on the above list are subject to change without prior notice.
※Standard cart size: W1000xD670xH1460