Electrostatic Rapid Air Blast Freezers


Electrostatic freezing

Electric energy vibrates the water molecules inside the freezer, preventing the formation of ice crystals inside the cells, and protecting the cell walls from damage, so that drip is lessened at the time of defrosting.

-50ºC Rapid freezing

A layer of ice quickly covers the surface of the food, preventing cell moisture from escaping and eliminating frost.

Restriction of food drying

The inverter fan air speed changes automatically, preventing surface drying.

Compare a food cell of defrost


Freeze examination


Air Blast Type Rapid Freezer (RAF)

Small Tray models

Model RAF-120 RAF-180
Tray 8 16
Width 1200 1800
Depth 1200 1400
Height 2400 2400
Capacity about20kg/h about30kg/h
Electricity requirements AC200Vx3P 7.2KW AC200Vx3P 10.6KW
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Large Cart models

Model RAF-PH0.5 RAF-PH1.0 RAF-PH1.5 RAF-PH2.0
Shelf with casters 1 2 3 4
Width 1800 1800 2700 3600
Depath 1400 1800 1800 1800
Height 2800 2800 2800 2800
Capacity about50kg/h about100kg/h about150kg/h about200kg/h
Electricity requirements AC200Vx3P 12.5KW AC200Vx3P 12.5KW AC200Vx3P 19KW AC200Vx3P 25KW
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*Please note that the Specification are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.