Shock Freezer


Electrostatic freezing

Electric energy vibrates the water molecules inside the freezer, preventing the formation of ice crystals inside the cells, and protecting the cell walls from damage, so that drip is lessened at the time of defrosting.

-50ºC Rapid freezing

A layer of ice quickly covers the surface of the food, preventing cell moisture from escaping and eliminating frost.

Restriction of food drying

The inverter fan air speed changes automatically, preventing surface drying.

Compare a food cell of defrost


An example of the food to apply

Fresh fish, meat, side dish, boiled rice, bread, cake, croquette can apply to every food.

  • Fresh fishfood1
  • Meatfood2
  • Rice(Sushi)food5
  • Side dishfood4
  • Bread(pizza)food3
  • Dried fishfood6
  • Croquettefood7
  • Fryed lobsterfood8
  • Sweetfood9
  • Cakefood10

Electrostatic Rapid Air Blast Freezers (RAF-Compact)


Common specifications

Panel thickness:100mm


Consumption electricity:3kw(AC3 200V)

Tray size:W604×D404×H20mm

Model Specifications Size(mm) Necessary space Throughput Tray price
RAF-C1 -50℃ W1200×D800×H1890 W2200×D900×H2390 5kg/hr 10 Open price
RAF-C1 -40℃ W1200×D800×H2015 W2200×D900×H2515 7kg/hr 16

*Please note that the Specification are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.