We introduce the patents acquired so far by DEPAK technology.

How to thaw frozen products (US Patent)

Patent No. US9,839,229B2

A US patent whose content corresponds to Japanese Patent No. 6209404

Active water production method and apparatus

Patent No. 3713454

An active water production method and apparatus capable of producing active water inexpensively in a short time by heating to 45 ° C. or more and 100 ° C. or less while applying a high voltage of 100 V to 50000 V to water in general.

Method for suppressing development of apoptosis or necrosis
(Anti-apoptosis or anti-necrosis induction method)

Patent No. 5819861

A method for inducing an anti-apoptotic effect and / or an anti-necrosis effect in living cells in a simple and controlled manner without administering a drug by applying an alternating voltage to living cells so that a current of 25 to 75 μA flows I will provide a.

How to thaw frozen products

Patent No. 6209404

Compared with the conventional method, as a new method of thawing a frozen product, the function of voltage application thawing is effectively exhibited while controlling the thawing temperature at a minus temperature between 0°C. and minus 10°C.