Features of Depak Freshness Keeping and Thawing Machine

Thawing the food with electric energy by high voltage electrostatic induction generated by Depak, the followings are of advantages.

  • By reduction of oxidation, discoloration is suppressed.
  • Increase of unwanted bacteria is suppressed.
  • Food loss is reduced and Food yield rate is improved.


  • As the mode switches automatically to Freshness Keeping mode after thawing, there is no trouble of moving food to a refrigerator from a thawing machine and the efficiency improves.

Tons of advantages are made available as mentioned above.


Providing Delectable and Safe Food

Thawing food without discoloration and protecting food from oxidation and deterioration make possible.
By fewer drips, food can be preserved over a week without bacterial growth.

The process and conditions of the bacteria test

  • Cut a block of frozen beef loin in half.
  • One is thawed by Depak and the other by an ordinary one. Both are thawed at -3°C under same circumstance.
  • After preservation for 16 hours, both are preserved for 12 hours under the circumstance (30°C), where bacteria increases easily.
  • Conduct the test that shows the viable counts.


Contribution to Improvement of Food Yield

Amount of food loss due to drips before and after introduction of Depak when thawing chicken were compared for a year. After the introduction of Depak, food loss was decreased by about 5.5% in a year. Provided that 300 tons food are thawed in a year, food loss that corresponds to 5,810,000 yen reduced in a year. (350 yen per 1kg)

The monthly amount of thawed food


Improvement of work efficiency

With ordinary defrosters, the food should be transferred to storage after thawing.
On the other hand, Depak thawing machines change its Thawing mode to Freshness Keeping mode automatically when food are thawed to a preset temperature. Thus, food transferring is not needed.
Just by putting the food to be used the next day in a Depak thawing machine, the food will be made ready the next day at optimum temperature in the Depak thawing machine.


An example of three-way satisfaction by Depak

As Depak is being introduced, a certain major meat packing company has since been achieving cost-cutting and quality improvement for lunch boxes of convenience stores. Contributing to deliver delectable and safe food to customers is made possible.
Three-way satisfaction beget. “All the buyers, sellers and customers are satisfied.”


Comparison of the performances among the thawing methods


Commercial refrigerator type

Depak Freshness Keeping and Thawing Machine (H series) [Commercial refrigerators type]

Capacity 491L 1042L 1332L 1616L
Width 625 1200 1500 1800
Depth 800 800 800 800
Height 1890 1890 1890 1890
Processing amount 60kg 120kg 160kg 180kg
Power source AC single-phase100V/15A AC three-phase 200V/20A AC three-phase 200V/20A AC three-phase 200V/20A
Price (tax excluded) Open price Open price Open price Open price

*The contents of above lists are subject to change as necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

Large refrigerator type

Depak Freshness Keeping and Thawing Machine (H series) [Large refrigerator type]

The number Reference size (mm)
Width x Depth x Height
The number of interior carts Reference processing amount
(In the case of 2 kg chicken blocks)
Price Delivery date
PH0.5 1 W1400×D1500×H2600 1 240kg Open price 60days
PH1.0 1 W2300×D1500×H2600 2 480kg Open price 60days
PH1.5 1 W2300×D2500×H2600 4 960kg Open price 60days
PH2.0 1 W2300×D3500×H2600 6 1440kg Open price 60days
PH3.0 1 W2300×D4500×H2600 8 1920kg Open price 60days
PH4.0 1 W2300×D6500×H2600 12 2880kg Open price 60days
  1. In the case of large refrigerator type, we estimate their price each time.
  2. Processing amount is calculated, supposing that carts are of caster type.
    (Standard cart size:W1000×D670×H1760 Two one-stage trays ×15 stage)
    *The pitch and size of carts are made alterable for all sorts of food materials. (Option)
  3. Power source is for three-phase 200V.
  4. The contents of above lists are subject to change without prior notice.