DEPAK thawing and freshness retention technology
  • 解凍
  • 鮮度保持
  • 熟成
  • DEPAKの効果

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

After thawing, the freshness is kept as it is, and the loss due to oxidation deterioration is reduced, and the working efficiency is also improved to reduce the cost.

Improvement of taste

Improvement of taste

While reducing the outflow of umami ingredients and maintaining the original taste of the material for a long time, umami improvement due to the aging effect can also be expected.

Contribute to safety

Contribute to safety

The reduction of preservatives, etc., as well as the improvement of hygiene due to the reduction of drips and the growth of microorganisms, brings about safety and security.

Work is easy!

Improvement of taste

Just put the frozen ingredients and press the switch! It will switch to the freshness holding mode automatically when the decompression is over. There is no need to move it.


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